Meal Kit: Vegan Sushi

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Kit Contains:

500g Sushi rice

5 Nori sheets

1 Organic cucumber

You will need: 

Rice Mirin 

A sushi rolling mat

Tamari (or soy sauce of your choice!)

Optional extras:


Pickled ginger 


Cook 300g sushi rice according to instructions on the packet and then leave it to cool.

Cut your cucumber into strips. 

Stir 50ml rice mirin into the rice. 

Lay a nori sheet on the mat, then pat the rice on top of it in a 1cm thick layer. (Leave the furthest edge of the sheet clear.) 

Lift the edge of the mat over the rice, keep it tight, and roll. 

Remove the mat. You should now have a long roll of sushi. Take a very sharp knife and cut the roll into thick slices. Top tip - if you dip your knife in water between each slice, it will prevent the blade from sticking to the nori!

We've used cucumber as the filling because it's cheap and easy.  Alternatively try red pepper, tofu, or avocado! 

Serve with a small bowl of soy sauce (we recommend Meridian Tamari!) with pickled ginger and, if you like it fiery - wasabi.